Track Method Payment

Hi, I’m Trung from Vietnam. I have a different link to payment gateway for my customers to scan qr code and purchase the products.

When customers agree to the pay, then they have to scan the qr code to pay with the content is the order id.

The problem here is:

  • Even they scan or not, the order is still accepted and i have to track when the money comes to send another notification manually
  • They may not see the note “Pay with the content include order id” and i’ll have no clue to verify what the sources of the money.

Help me out with this topic. It’s urgent!


We do not have a system for QR code-based payments, but we plan to build it in the future.

Please answer these questions so we can understand your case more:

  • Do you have a way to include the order ID encoded in the QR code?
  • Do you have a payment tracking ID after payment so the user can enter it on our page?


Right now, the question can be combined into:
“How can I integrate any local payment gateway in my country?”

My customers mostly come from Vietnam. So a Vietnamese Payment Gateway integrated is needed.


We support Stripe, Paypal, and Razorpay payment gateways officially now. We will add more gateways in the future.

Is the gateway you need card-based or QR code-based?


It’s Qr Code - based and it’s more popular in my country. Can u please tell me exactly the time that you can add it into the platform? And how do you add all the payment as every country has their own ways?