Stripe payment not working

Stripe payment keeps loading and never leads to finalize payment


We have tested your store, and Stripe payments are working fine.

Does the issue still persist for you? Have you tried using a different browser while checking out?


Please try stripe payments with this sites / and … these three are linked to store link and still cant make them work

Noticed that maybe the link of the custom domain to the domain might be the error. Everything works fine until it has to redirect to striple to complete the payment

I have my domain registed with A2hosting… this is what support team mentions… I inspected the source here and it shows this error: checkout-app-init-9d5d3b2f4210f306abf6b6ab6d78efc9.js:1 Stripe Checkout is not able to run in an iFrame. Please redirect to Checkout at the top level.
rF @ checkout-app-init-9d5d3b2f4210f306abf6b6ab6d78efc9.js:1

Since the redirect is created by iframe, it’s giving an issue cause Stripe Checkout is not able to run in an iFrame.

Thank you for the detailed report.

I could reproduce this issue in stores that are embedded as iframe. I have notified our tech team and will update you once it is fixed.


We have updated to incorporate stripe payments inside iframe.

Please check if it is working fine for you.

Thanks Shyjal, all working well now! Issue has been fixed.