Stock numbers are not working

I recently marked one of my products to have 1 in stock through the stock column on the google sheet.

Someone placed an order for this product (The order is now shipped) however I noticed the product was still available for purchase, and the value in the stock column remained the same, defeating the purpose of the stock amounts as I can no longer provide this product. See screenshots:

I have now manually changed the stock number however this has already happened a second time with a similar product that only had “1” stock yet was still available after someone purchased it.

Please fix this - I do not want to manually change the number each time.
Thank you

happened to me too. sometimes it goes to 0, but sometimes it won’t

I’m sorry to see you are having issues with stock.

Our tech team is investigating the issue. Please provide more details to help us determine the exact cause.

  1. Is this happening only when there is 1 item in stock?
  2. Is the sheet getting updated, and can the user still buy the item? Or is there no sheet update, also?
  3. We made some changes 2 days ago regarding the order process. Did you have the issue before 2 days?