Shipping Calculator

I’d like to offer shipping based on the zip code, weight of products x quantity of products. Is this option available?

Hi Joshua,

Sorry, we do not have a zip code based shipping fee calculator now. We have this in our feature requests list and may add it in the future.

Can you provide us some details on how you want the feature.

How does the calculation go? Do you have a list of each pin codes with the corresponding shipping fee?

I would imagine having a column of the spreadsheet for weight in pounds and ounces that is multiplied by the quantity ordered to get the total weight. There should also be a column for size length, width, height that is multiplied by quantity to calculate total service area. To keep it simple I’d start with one mailing service such as USPS Flat rate that offer predictable sized boxes. If the service area and weight are within the size of the box dimensions, that boxes would be chosen for shipping. If too big the next box size up would be chosen. For zip codes that would be a price list predetermined for each zip code based. The plus the data already gathered about surface area of the order would determine cost of shipping.

We will keep these parameters when we design custom shipping calculator in the future.

For now, you will have to provide a flat shipping fee in our shipping settings.