Right to Left when using Semitic languages

Hi, since you are not supporting Hebrew, I have used Arabic and translated it. both are right-to-left languages. Yet, the main view “All” still shows Left-to-Right. the other categories are working fine. please fix it.


Thank you for reporting the bug. Our tech team will fix this issue soon.


We have pushed an update. Please check if the View All button works in RTL language now.

Thanks! but nothing changed. still, ALL it in LTR view.


I am sorry, you still have the issue. Can you please post a screenshot of which button you are having issue currently?

now its working! thanks :).

another question, form the googlesheets there’s an issue come and go of uploading new images. can you explain why? is there a known bug?

We have tested the file upload using the Store.link addon and it was working fine. Can you explain the exact issue you are facing. Is the upload getting stuck in between?