Request for option to make address fields non-required

Recently you guys added the Address fields to the Delivery/Shipping toggle and all of these fields are required. Where this might make since on the surface, not all of your clients customers enter delivery dates for there orders. For our company we use the Shipping option as a “Delivery Fee” and we have our customers contact info including address on a separate system where we link the customers to a school, orginization,etc and ship all of there orders to same location and not to what the customer enters.

This broke our orders process and caused some customers to not proceed with ordering, meaning we lost sales.

ASK #1 :: can you please allow us the option to make the address fields as non-required?
ASK #2 :: can you make it so that we can hide these address fields entirely if we choose to?

NOTE #1 :: I don’t really understand the reason for adding this. Maybe you had another client that wanted it, I’m not sure… however, every fields for address could have easily been added to the checkout form instead of tieing it to delivery and breaking other clients processes, but i’m sure someone wanted it with a valid reason, but without seeing the impact to others.
NOTE #2 :: if you guys feel the need to keep the address fields as required, at the very least the Address Line #2 is not really used by a lot of clients. I don’t think I have ever filled in address Line 2 on any online shops i use. I’m sure multiple other people will state the same, so not sure why Address Field 2 is required, when no everyone has a address field 2. Again, allowing us to decide which fields to make required vs options would fix this as well.

Thanks for your feedback.

Let me try to address your concerns one by one.

  1. Delivery Date: In your store specifically, your team has added custom code to modify the normal Text question to a Delivery Date question. Every checkout question added under Design > Checkout has a Required toggle switch you can turn on or off. For this custom text question you have added, Required is turned ON.

  2. Yes, address is tied to Delivery, since that’s a natural flow. Address details makes sense only for delivery options.

  3. As you requested, we will be making the address fields (Address line 2 and some others) as optional very soon.

  4. We will consider adding a switch for turning on/off address collection altogether.

I’m not sure the reason for commenting on this. The ask wasn’t to do anything with what we setup for “Delivery Date” based on a text field, because yes you are correct. We did add a “Delivery Date” text box and linked it to our own custom date field because your build in build field simply doesn’t work as expected for multiple reasons which I have a separate feedback request on that. For example the fact that we don’t offer deliveries for next day after a specific time, your date field doesn’t support that. Or the fact that your build in date field uses DMY formating (similar to Europe, Asia, Africa, etc) … All of our customers business is in the US so our date field needs to be in MDY or YMD, which your build in date field simply doesn’t support changing to that. So yes, you are correct, we have a date text field acting as a date field, and we want that to be requried, which is it. I’m not sure why the comment on this field? We did what we had to do because your team wasn’t able to provide us a solution for our customers.

I understand this is the norm, however I don’t see a reason why adding an option to make these non-required and also an option to toggle them on/off is a bad thing. I mean, if your company want’s to expand and offer your service to more customers, and you want more business coming your way, I would suggest you consider adding these very basic features. I mean, before we decided to go with your solution, we researched 4-5 different ones. All the others offered these added features I’m asking about, however they had a higher overall cost or a monthly/yearly update costs to cover for added features, which they would then offer to all there clients. You guys don’t have that option as a billing model, something to consider.

i guess I could have submited a request for a new “added fee” feature to be added as an option that gets applied onto all orders, but wthout being considered “shipping” but I figured it would be easier for you guys to just make the existing field able to act like an “added fee” field, but not when address and other info is popping up with we don’t want capture for our specific scenario. Let me know if you would prefer i post a request for an “additional fees” function or not, to be separate from the shipping logic, if that makes more sense.

thank you very much. I mean, right now we added logic to work around this issue, but this would allow us to strip out that logic from the custom scripts so that wouldn’t be needed and potentially break something in the future.