Request added options for date field during checkout

When adding a date field during checkout, it defaults to today onward. There doesn’t seem to be any options to define the settings for this fields.

there are a few reasons for this request…

Currently we are using a Date field as a “Date of delivery” option, however we would like to have it default to tomorrows date instead of today as we don’t handle deliveries for todays date. We would also like the ability to define a time frame, which would handle the date field differently. for example :: lets say it’s 2024-04-24 @ 10:00AM realtime, then it would allow for date selection of tomorrow (being 2024-04-25) onward, but if it was 2024-04-24 @ 11:01 AM (meaning after 11:00) then it would only allow the customer to select to date of 2024-04-26 . This is so that our deliveries that are scheduled before 11:00 go out tomorrow, but anything after 11:00 goes out the day after tomorrow.

Other situation is, what if we are trying to capture the DOB or some other past date value from the customer. Currently we can’t select any past dates. We aren’t using this case scenario at this time, but it could very well be something we want to capture later without using a TEXT field that the customer could enter wrong or in wrong format to what we are expecting.

If there is a way to do this via scripting somewhere on my account, please let us know. thank you.

Thank you for the detailed explanation of the feature request. We have added it to our internal feature request list and will implement it in the future.


np, I also just submitted a but report with this along with multiple other date field to google sheet formatting issues, may want to look at that before changing up the code. I decided to design my own date field and link it to a text field till the date field issues and feature requests are resolved.