Product information bug

I don’t know if it is due to an update or some error, but all the information about the selected products is shown, whether they are empty or not.

Which leaves me with a long list of empty details on the product page.

Sorry to hear you are having issues.

Can you check the Store Settings > Products to see which columns are added as product information?

Product info should come from only the fields mentioned there.

Thanks for answering.

The problem is that I have several items of product information in that same section. Previously it was only shown when these items had content, currently they are shown even if they are empty.

At the moment I’m using markdown in the description as a replacement.

Hi Kelvis,

Happy to know you have found a solution by using MarkDown Format.

Are you satisfied with this approach?

If you are still facing the earlier issue you mentioned, can you please share a screenshot or Link to such a product? While checking your store now, everything looks ok to us.


The approach of using MarkDown seems great to me.
I show the screenshot of how the product information is displayed

If in product information only stock frame no information is shown

Hi Kelvis,

I am sorry, displaying empty information was due to an issue on our side. We have fixed it.

Please try adding the product information column again and see if the fix is working for you.

Yes it works, but the stock is only shown when there is other data.

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We have fixed the issue related to stock info not showing. Please check if it is working for you.

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It works perfectly, thanks for the attention provided.