Orders sheet not updating

I recently noticed my “orders” section of the google sheet had stopped adding new orders, even when the orders section of the store.link show the new orders. I don’t know if this is something happening on my end but I have tried Force Syncing the google sheet but it will still only orders up to #10026.

Hi Smith,

Sorry to hear you are facing issues with Order Sheet.

For your information, Force sync is meant to keep the products in Product Sheet in sync with the Live website, when the auto sync has issues. It does not have an impact on the Order sheet.

Can you please goto Setting> Orders and see if Collect orders in Sheet is turned ON. Please double check that the Order Sheet is the same as well.

If you are still facing issues, please mail our customer care team, care@store.link with Store.link URL.

Aslam from Store.link

Hi Jet,

Can you please check if your Google sheet is shared as an editor to our service account email id: orders@sheettostore.iam.gserviceaccount.com


Hi Shyjal,
I have checked and that email is in the shared list as an editor.


We have replied to your email. We will take this issue further via email support.