Multiple issues with date field in checkout form

I created a feature request about the date field wanting to have it have an option to define date selectable based on time of day. this bug reports touches on that, but also explained some additional bugs with the date field.

1 >> The date field is in DD-MM-YYYY format. This is confusing for customers in the US where the date format is normally MM-DD-YYYY … details on this are here. List of date formats by country - Wikipedia

2 >> expanding on #1 and as another issue, data captured from the date field in DD-MM-YYYY gets formated incorrectly on a google sheet. anything below 13 for the first digit comes over as a date field but with the wrong date because google is expecting it to be in a US format of MM-DD-YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD … anything over 12 for the first value being the DAY based on what is passed, is causing google sheet to format incorrectly and either populate with the wrong date or populate as a text value that can’t get called as a date field. Also anything 12 or below for the first value auto reformats on google sheets into MM/DD/YYYY so you get mixed end results of “MM/DD/YYYY” and “DD-MM-YYYY” in the same column.

3 >> inability to define the date range min/max allowed based on time of date. (this is the one item on the feature request as well)

As a work around i changed the date field to a “text” field, and created my own datepicker based on when the text field is clicked. it’s not the cleanest solution, but then I can define what i need, and the default format comes over as MM/DD/YYYY correctly.

Thank you for the reports. We will consider these when we work on the checkout form fields.

Stay tuned!