Multi User Admin Access

Is there a way that I can have multiple users access the admin page to upload pictures?

I looked at the users option under the admin page but does not allow me to add users.

Hi Jesse,

Sorry in dashboard, there is only single user access at the moment.

However, has a sheet add-on -

through which you can manage sheet data with multiple members. Let me tell you how to proceed.

Note: You will have to create a new store with this method.

Let’s say you have an Owner Google account (your account) and a Guest Google account.

  1. First install the addon in both Google accounts - Just click on Install
  2. Owner can create a new Google sheet and then open the add-on from Menu > Extensions > Sheet to (Video guide) to create a new Store.
  3. This will create your online store with all the data in Product sheet and Order sheet.
  4. Now, using Google sheet’s share options, share the Google Sheet with Guest Account and give Editor access.
  5. The Guest user will now be able to access the Google sheet and also open the addon to make changes in Settings, plus upload images. (When Guest user opens the add-on, there will be an authorisation step from Google)

You can add multiple accounts in this way.

Also after you create a store using add-on, if you visit dashboard, you will be able to see the same store there. So you, the Owner, can later manage it at the comfort of your dashboard.

The Guest user can continue manage the store via the add-on to add product images and even add more products in the Sheet.

I hope this workflow can help you manage your Online Store with multiple users.


This is great, thank you. We will try this and get back to you.