Mobile access - Continue Shopping / View Cart pop-up always coming up after each item is added to cart

Hi team,

My concern is about user experience. When the site is accessed from mobile and after each item is added to cart the “continue shopping / view cart” pop up remains active until it is dismissed. User cannot continue on the screen without dismissing this pop up. So from a mobile user / shopping perspective if someone wants to add 10 items to the cart, they have to dismiss this pop up / press on “continue shopping” multiple times.

This doesn’t seem to be a problem when the site is accessed from big screen like laptop browser. Appreciate if you can check this and give a better option.


Hi Jijo,

We optimized the store for small and retail customers where fast checkout is the priority. Most e-commerce sites redirect customers to the cart page once they click add to cart.

Anyways, we understand your issue. We will see if we can add any workaround for wholesale stores where most orders will be bought in bulk.