Looking for ability to process payment through Square

We are curious if there is any way to very support for “Square” as a payment option added to the end of the shopping cart? We see there is an option for “Other” but when trying to use that with the “Square payment link” we created, it allows the customer to enter whatever amount they want. I realize this is partly a “Square Payments” issue, however if you guys integrated to Square using there web and payment SDKs and APIs, that allows you to integrate seamlessly without allowing the customer to change the amount.

If there is another way you anyone has found to get around this with “Square” as a payment processor, please advise. thank you.

Thank you for your question.

Just to confirm are you using checkout links from Square - Get Started with Square Payment Links | Square Support Center - US?

yes, and No. it’s a tricky answer.

YES :: When we select the “Payment Link” button within the setup of our store.link account, we can populate the link that we generate from “Square”, however the link that is generated from Square is one of 3 types.
1 >> a payment link, that starts the amount at 0.00 and requires the customer to enter the amount.
2 >> a item link, which basicly allows you to sell an item directly from Square and buypass your service (more for single item selling via chat, email, etc)
3 >> donation link which is more for taking donations.
We can’t seem to find a method using the “Payment Link” option in your service to pay through our Square account which is what our marketing teams allready have configured.

NO :: Ideally having “Square” added as an selection option, which I don’t believe would use there payment link, but instead use the square API and SDKs. kind of like how you guys have “Stripe” setup, where it prompts for a key and token for there API. Ideally having “Square” added to this list so we can either input a key/token combo, or the login/password/key combos (which we used for the previous service through another company prior to migrating over to your service). Example :: Payment API: Process Online and In-Person Payments

We are OK with whichever, but we are looking for a solution that will allow us to process payments through Square, but not allow them the ability to change the amounts, and seamless within the process, just like how you have Stripe really.

Appreciate the detailed reply.

Your request makes absolute sense. We will need to do a proper Square integration for a smooth flow.

Just a couple more questions.

In both Square and Stripe, ultimately, customers pay via card. Any particular reason why you want to stay with Square? (Is it because your team is more familiar with Square?)

Also, your customer base is mostly in US or Canada?

We are based 100% out of the US.

reason #1 :: We are more familiar with square and have everything allready configured and operational, so integrating to that means adding payment processing to an existing account and requiring our company to only have a single inbound payment processing for our corporate environment.

reason #2 :: the default fees for Stripe are 2.9% + 0.30 … the default fees for Square 2.6% + 0.10 … so lower fees overall for square vs stripe. With our large physical store count and growing rapidly every year, the fee difference adds up very quickly, even with a corporate level lower rates due to the quantity of transactions we process … the fee difference still applies.