Live Chat feature

Hi Store link team,
I’m Chhunly, my store is or I am writing to request the addition of a live chat feature. I believe that implementing this feature will greatly enhance the overall user experience and improve customer satisfaction.

The live chat feature would enable our users to communicate with our support team in real-time, allowing them to receive immediate assistance and resolve any issues they may encounter. Additionally, it would provide a convenient platform for users to ask questions, provide feedback, and engage with our brand. Thanks

Hi there,

Your store looks fantastic!

You can easily add an external live chat tool to your store from our Settings > integrations > Custom scripts.

There are plenty of free tools for live chat, such as

We decided not to build these features inside our dashboard to keep simple and affordable for everyone. However, we kept the integration so you can always extend the store’s capabilities.

Let me know if you need help adding or any other live chat tool to your store.


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