Items with single sub selection greyed out but multi selection not greyed out

Having an issue when a single sub category is added to an item, the values to select as buttons are greyed out. But when you add a second sub category to an item, the values are no longer greyed out. would like to make them always NOT greyed out as the greyed out single item selections are making it almost look like an out of stock to customers.

example screenshot below. Left one has the greyed out buttons/selections… but right one doesn’t. item quantity is in stock and set to show for availability.


Thank you for reporting this issue.

We have fixed it by removing greyed-out buttons when items are in stock. Please check if it is working fine in your store.


Also had this issue, but glad it is resolved and working now.


confirmed fixed. thanks for the very quick response. I’m very pleasantly surprised about the response time on this. You guys have just gained a paying customer simply for that alone! thank you!