How to create a bulk order pricing on

Hi Guys,

Wanted to check if there is a way that we can create a bulk order setup using

My requirement is the price of the product needs to change depending on the total quantity requested by a user?

0-5 = $10
6-10 = $8

If the user say 8 qty the price should be 8*8 = $64


Hi Roger,

Have you tried using Product Variants - What are Product Variants? | help center

One way to solve this is via setting different quantities, like pack of products as variants.

In your case, as the variant column, you can set “Pack”. And under the Pack column, you can set values like - 5 pack, 10 pack, 15 pack etc.

And for each pack you can set a different price.

Here your customer will have to choose one of these packs. But selecting a specific count of items like 6 or 9 items will not be possible in this approach.

I hope this solution helps,

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