How does "google sheet function list" work?

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As per the error message you are seeing, you are using a Google sheet forumla in your Product sheet.

By default we do not support formulas.

But you can enable them by turning on the toggle switch for it. Please see the instructions here - How to enable sheet formulas in | help center

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Aslam from

but you have successfully fixed the image transmission error, a currency fix, hope you will fix the image transmission in the smartest way…for example from the seller’s google drive

To clarify, are you referring to adding product images from Google Drive?


Yes, I have many products and want to integrate them with my file drive, is that okay?

Hi there,

There is an update!

We have introduced a new method to add images.

  1. Upload your product images to Google Drive.
  2. Make sure the image has global access.
  3. Copy the share URL into the Image cell in Google Sheet.

That will render the product images directly from your Google Drive.