Full Page embed (google site) is not size responsive, no add to cart (mobile view)

no add to cart showing on full page embed
this are 2 different phones
solution i did is add footer on google site so it will adjust the screen. but its still not perfect
and sometimes the hide footer button ,overlap the add to cart

view from ip13 pro max

but on ip12mini it works fine even without the footer
this issue happens only on mobile devices

Hi Taj,

Adding storelink as an embed has restrictions, and the responsiveness we added to the store may not work as expected.

We recommend you share the store link directly with your customer for the best experience.

Anyway, please share the embedded link. We will see if we can suggest anything to solve this issue.


the site is not yet published, since all are still under constructions, i will just published it now for store link to view

MissJoy Online - Canada Pasabuy (that is where i embed the store link)
for now, i just embed url, but not using full page embed. it would be perfect if full page embed will work with different screen. or add to cart button can be move somewhere

view from ip13 promax full page embed

view from ip12 mini (works perfect)