Enable address as mandatory only when choosing Shipping

Hi all,

I’ve been trying the grocery store template. I’d like to enable address only when shipping is chosen. I’d also like a radio button option to be enabled when choosing pickup to record the pickup store location.

I can see that the first feature works in the demo store. But I am unable to get this working in my store. Appreciate any help with these.

Thank you

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Hi there,

The first request, I just confirming with our team on that matter. Will get back soon.

The second one, about showing a radio button, when choosing Pickup; there is a workaround solution. (not exactly what you requested for).

You can add a general custom field with radio options in Checkout Form. And add question title as Choose store, only if Shipping is Pickup. Something like the following:


Hi Aslam,

Any chance the “pickup location enabled only when pickup is chosen” could be considered as an enhancement request?


We are working on some changes for the Address field . You will be able to make small changes according to the Delivery option.

Work in under progress.


Any updates on this?

Update: We have decided to make changes.

It was not in our immediate pipleline, that is why there is a delay.

We will inform you when the feature is rolled out. (Hopefully soon)

Thank you for your patience