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I have just added my 5th product to a category and noticed it cuts off on the homepage. I am aware that customers can click “View all” however some of my customers are not great with technology and would prefer to be able to see all the products. I would be happy with any of the following:

  1. A default category “All Products” that displays all the items on the homepage without having to click into the category
  2. Having different layout options available
  3. Being able to reorder the products in the categories, because at the moment the products in multiple categories are prioritised in the display of the 4 products per/category shown, but I would like all my products nicely displayed on my home page.
  4. Being able to horizontally scroll on the categories displayed in the homepage

Thanks, Jet.


We are aware of this issue and made some conscious decisions to cover many use cases while keeping the product easy to use.

  1. We will think about the “All products” category with pagination.
  2. We may explore this in future, for now we like to concentrate on one layout to keep things simple
  3. You can rearrange items in sheet and products will be ordered accordingly.
  4. Category listing is horizontally scrollable using mouse or trackpad. It don’t have a next and previous icon for scrolling.

Hi Shyjal, Thank you for the reply.
I completely understand the need for simplicity on and I think you are doing great.

Unfortunately, when I tried, the sections did not scroll horizontally on the homepage. I tested multiple browsers but the 5th product never showed up.

I have managed to solve the ordering of products to an extent using Google Sheets but that won’t work well in the future when I have more products.
It might take a while, but I had an idea for a great feature that I and many other store managers will find very useful in organising our online stores:

The feature would allow us to drag and drop products, and sections, to reorder them through the design tab in the dashboard. I find it hard to reorder products via Google Sheets, whereas it would be a lot simpler to do it via the design tab.

Thank you so much for the great support Shyjal, you have been a great help across many of my posts. Keep it up!

Hi Jet,

Sorry, I meant horizontal scrolling in the category slider, not for the actual products. We do not have horizontal scrolling for products within a category.

The core feature of StoreLink is that you can easily add and manage products from a Google Sheet itself. We think adding products in the design section for reordering would defeat this core function. It might make some sense if you have fewer than 10 products, as in your case, but we have many customers with more than 10,000 products in their stores. We will have to design solutions that work for everyone.

Anyway, the issue stated is valid, and we are already thinking about ways to solve it. We will update you once we make a change related to this.

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Hi Shyjal,
I totally understand.

There is no need to add products through the design tab, just reorder the existing one.

Thanks for the consideration