Customer tracking

New section to track customers information and tagging them.
It would be nice to track the customers so that you may give them discounts and message them of new deals


We do not have a custom login page on the storefront or the ability to track each customer’s orders in the backend. We plan to add customer management in the future, but for now, we would like to keep the platform simple.


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Hi user2,
While there is no individual customer page, a feature I find useful is the search bar in the orders tab. If you want to view the details of a specific customer you can put in their email address, name, phone number etc. to view all their orders.

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+1 to this feature, but along with it, a history of there orders so they can see what they ordered previously making it easier for them to be return buyers, also an ability to request an order cancelation / refund for a past order. Think “amazon” return processes, where they allow refund/refund up to X days after purchase. Not looking for something as detailed, but simply the ability to select an order based on there profile and past purchases and ability to request refund if within a specific time, which would generate an email process. Could also expand on this with ability to track orders from this page. Multiple capabilities.

We have introduced a new feature that lists previous orders from the same customer on the order detail page. I hope this will be helpful to some extent.

very interesting… is this a feature on by default or something we have to enable? really looking forward to testing this and seeing how it works because might be right up what we are looking for :wink:

This feature is ON by default.

Please check any order detail page on your dashboard. Let me know your thoughts.

sorry but I’m not finding this. can you please explain or should a step by step on where I can go to see this? I processed mutliple orders, couldn’t find this on the customer facing or on the dashboard, so not sure where to go to find it so we can provide feedback.

The list will only be shown if the same user has ordered more than once.

Please try placing two test orders using same email or phone number and visit the order page.

I can’t seem to get to the page you displayed to show. To clarify, is this feature as part of the “Stripe” integration and only shows when using “Stripe” or some other built in payment processing supported? I have been doing the tests to get to this via “cash” option… should this display for cash as well? if so, I have completed 10-20 test transactions all the way through as “cash” payment option. It sent me a order email and everything, but the final page doesn’t display this.

Either there is something i’m not understanding, or I’m doing something wrong somewhere, idk.

Hi Shyjal,
Unfortunately this feature isn’t working very well for me.

The “previous orders” tab is showing random orders (Usually the last 3) even when they are not from the same people.

For example, this is a customer who hasn’t ordered before, yet it shows a previous order:

The previous order is not from the same customer - Which is not supposed to happen.