Custom Text Field For Products

I’m adding a new product to my store which is a hand-crocheted beanie hat. I am having different colour options but would love to have a “custom order beanie” option.

For this, you would click on the option as normal (see below)

Then a text field would appear below so the customer could enter their customisations.

I understand there is already a custom text field option during checkout to apply to the whole order but I fear customers would forget to enter the details if it wasn’t on the actual product page. This would also apply if customers wanted multiple custom order products.


Per product custom form field is not something we support now. We will consider adding it in the future if there are enough requests.


Hi Shyjal,
Thanks for the quick reply
I’d still love for this to be added in the future but I understand there are other priorities.
I will find a work-around for now.

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