Custom Script injection issue

As custom script injection is allowed, I was doing lot of things using that for my business logic. Today I realised that my code is broken as one of the logic was dependent on address field at checkout. My custom script does something when address field with id="address " is present. Today it was broken as id was changed. Any suggestion on this. Do we have any such contracts that ids will not change.


We are sorry that our recent update has broken your custom script.

We apologize for the inconvenience. While we do need to make updates occasionally to improve the platform, we strive to minimize disruptions to custom code.

While we can’t guarantee an entirely unchanging HTML structure, we believe the checkout flow is now in a stable state and unlikely to see significant changes in the foreseeable future.

Can you please add versioning in store link. Atleast that way it is on us to change runtime and we can do sanity check before we change it. I feel this is very important otherwise application can break at any point of time for one or other reason.

If possible please prioritze this.