Custom Message Preset

A feature I would love to have in future is the ability to make preset messages when changing the status of an order.
For example, instead of the standard message sent out when clicking ship order, I choose the “Add custom note to the customer” option and type in further details such as payment, shipping links etc.
I’d love to have buttons that I can change the preset of - such as “Order Shipped Message (Pick-up)” as I have different messages depending on the order.
If this is something doable I’d love for it to be added to the future features list.

Thanks for providing an amazing platform & for constantly providing amazing support.

Hi Jet,

It’s good to see you are using our custom note feature.

We will consider your request when we update this feature.

We are trying to figure out a simple solution for this problem. Does prefilling your last custom note when you change the status solve your issue? When you change the status to shipped, the note you sent when shipping the last order will be prefilled in the modal box.

Prefilling my last custom note would be great, thanks.