Change Buy Button Text for Individual Products

I would like to request a feature in which you can change the text of the “buy button” for each individual product.

I understand you can change the text for your whole store in the design section of the dashboard, but I would like to change it for individual products.

For example, I wan most of my product’s buy buttons to say “add to cart”, however for particular items I would like it to say something different that I can customise.


Can you please explain some example scenarios for which you will be using this?

I think one store should have only one call-to-action button text to avoid confusion. If you have flows other than “Add to cart” maybe you could try setting a different store for that.


Hi Shyjal,
My main scenario for this is one of my new products. It is a hand-crocheted cat plushy/stuffed animal
To add a bit more personality to my store I wanted the text on the buy button to read “Adopt” but for my other products to remain as “add to cart”