Automatic update in google sheets is not updating the online store

I used to track my real time inventory, I export this report to Google Sheets every day 8am, then I use a formula (importrange) to copy the information to my Store link google sheets…
But I have noticed that this automated process goes well, from monday to google sheets, and then google sheet to google sheet, BUT the updated columns don’t post to my Store link web site.
The issue I see is that if the update is done by a formula on my google sheet, this doesnt trigger my store link site. I need to go and do a manual typing or modification, and then it works.

I am trying to get my inventory update automatically every day 8am, but i found this bug on the site. please help


We use some triggers provided by Google to detect changes in your sheet and update the store accordingly. Unfortunately IMPORTRANGE function from a separate spreadsheet won’t be detected by that function.

We need to know more about your workflow to suggest alternate solutions for this problem.

How are you integrating with the first sheet? Can you try integrating the same to the’s sub sheet?

I created a new sheet integrating Store link sheet to my Monday Export sheet, I share the link below and gave you access to it.
The problem I have with the export from Monday to my Google sheet is that I cannot select the TAB to where it exports, it automatically exports to the first tab in the Sheet.

As I cannot control the export from Monday , I need your help to see if on your side the integration of the sheet to the site is possible, I need to know how can this sheet can be integrated to the site , I couldnt find a way to integrate this sheet to the store, or if you find a better way of doing it.

We will reply to you privately via support email as this is a public discussion, and we need more specific details.

We recommend you remove access to everyone and add only so that only we can see the private data.