Anyway for a customer to request a refund/cancel item from website?

Is there anyway through the store and through the item purchase link,etc that the customer receives that they can go to there order and cancel/request refund? for example, if the item being purchased if not being shipped for lets say a week and they want to cancel it before we fulfill there order. would that be a direct email request or is there a way to enable that via the setting/config?

Hi there,

Currently there is no way. It has to be communicated by the customer to you.

One suggestion is for you to add a Contact Us link in your store. This could be a custom form or a mailto: for your email address.

This will help the customer to contact you faster in such cases.

Ideally, there needs to be a customer login, where customer can see order details and ask for refund or cancel order etc. That is something we have on our roadmap.

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