Antigro Designer?

I preference with … I have not tried this physically. I have not paid for the Pro version. Right now, I am researching if the platform meets our need.

Is there a way to embed Antigro Designer Gang Sheet designer into And then utilize Square as the payment processor.

DTF Gang Sheet Builder Application by Antigro Designer

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I am unfamiliar with how Antigro embeds work, you may be able to embed it by adding a link in the video column in the Google sheet.

We officially support Stripe, Paypal, and Razorpay for payment processing, but we will add support for more gateways in the future.


Update: I was able to speak with Antigro and there is an integration possible. Not perfect but it will work.

It’s good to know you were able to find a workaround. Please share how you did it so other community members who need similar integrations can refer to it.